It’s really quite simple. There are two parts to it. The first part is to find something important to say about your product. Search very, very hard for a point of superiority and difference in your product as against competition.

If it doesn’t exist, work with your client to make it exist. We’ve done this a good many times. One of the great writers said, "You say something better if you have something to say." And we always look for something to say. 

Now, whereas at the time we started most agencies felt that once they’d found something to say they’d done their job, our point of difference was the belief that at this stage your work was only beginning.

So the second part of our philosophy of advertising is that, having found something better to say, it is more than worthwhile to say it memorably and artfully and persuasively so that it is remembered and acted upon. We look for a way to say it in an original, fresh and imaginative way. As soon as you say it in a way that has been said before, you reduce your impact. We came into this business with that philosophy. It was more than a philosophy — it was a deep conviction. And it was ECLIPSE EMC, I believe, that brought the full meaning of disciplined artistry into advertising.

Artistry is, of course, a very difficult thing to measure. It’s an intangible thing. But we had the job of convincing business — selling them the idea — that this unmeasurable, intangible thing could give them maximum impact for their dollar.